September 8, 2024

Regulations Singelloop Enschede 2024

1 Regulations Singelloop Enschede

Article 1.1 Information

The Singelloop is an event organized annually by Athletics Club AC. TION ’48 (Organizer).

The 2024 event consists of the following components:

  • 5 English Mile recreational run
  • 5 English Mile competition run
  • 5 English Mile company run (race)
  • 10 English Mile recreational run
  • 10 English Mile competition run
  • 10 English Mile company run (race)
  • 850 m Kidsrun

The overall event is referred to as Singelloop Enschede.

Participation in the Singelloop Enschede is at your own risk and responsibility. The organization is not liable for any suffered material or immaterial damage on the canals and/or in the Volkspark/in the vicinity of start/finish including registration desk, parking lots and dressing rooms.

The organization declines any responsibility in case of illnesses or accidents befalling participants or persons and vehicles riding in the escort and advertising caravan.

The organization cannot be held liable for theft, destruction and/or loss of property of participants and attendants.

Instructions from police, traffic controllers, safety coordinator, organization, race management, security and staff must be followed immediately at all times. People should also follow the designated walking routes. Failure to follow instructions may result in disqualification.

The organization cannot be held responsible for personally incurred expenses if the event must be cancelled due to force majeure.

Article 1.2 Contest Organization

1.2.1 Categories

The Singelloop Enschede competition run over 5 English Miles has the following categories:

  • Juniors U20, Men seniors, men 40+, men 50+
  • Juniors U20, Women seniors*.

*I due to a low number of women participating in the race, there is only 1 category.

The Singelloop Enschede competition run over 10 English Miles has the following categories:

  • Men
  • Women

1.2.2 Prizes and prize money

View the list of prizes to be won in the various categories and the corresponding monetary amounts here.

1.2.3 Participation

Participation in the recreational components is free to both officially registered Athletics Union athletes and other runners. The race run is reserved for Athletics Union athletes with race licenses.

1.2.4 Costs

Participation fees are set annually by the organization and announced on the online registration form and website.

1.2.5 Collection

For the fixed parts, the entry fee is collected directly during online registration via iDeal.

1.2.6 Cancel

In case of changes and/or cancellations until August 12, 2024, the registration fee paid minus a €2.50 administrative fee will be refunded to the participant’s bank account indicated at the time of registration. No registration fees will be returned after Aug. 12. Fees for extras such as medal engraving or charity are never refundable.

1.2.7. Start numbers not transferable

Start numbers are personal and will be issued in the participant’s name. This means that it is not allowed to transfer a start number to another person without the express permission of the organization.

1.2.8 Minimum age

A participant must have reached at least the minimum age set by the organizer on the day the event is held.

Participants in the 5 English Mile (8 km) are at least 12 years old on the day of the event.
Participants in the 10 English Mile (16 km) are at least 16 years old on the day of the event.

1.2.9 Maximum duration per distance

For the 5 English Mile (8 km) there is a maximum time of 75 minutes.
A maximum time of 120 minutes applies to the 10 English Mile (16 km).

1.2.10 Time recording

Electronic timekeeping from MyLaps will be used for timekeeping of the fixed parts.

1.2.11 Limit

Time limits (net times) apply at certain points on the course. Enforcement of these limit times is at the discretion of the Organization. Behind the last participant (who runs within the time limit), a “broom wagon” rides. A competitor behind the “broom car” exceeded the limit and was disqualified for that reason.

1.2.12 Lifting of traffic measures.

After the “broom truck” has passed (see article 1.2.11) and also the course is clean, at the time it is deemed responsible the special traffic measures will be lifted by the traffic controllers and article 1.7.2 of these regulations applies.

1.2.10 Results/Classification.

The participant agrees to publish first and last name, hometown, country and finish time in the online results. For all parts of the event, net times are used to compile individual final rankings. Matches are on a gross time basis.

Article 1.3 Portrait Rights

1.3.1 Permission to make recordings.

Participants grant permission in advance for video, photo and sound recordings in which they may appear in or on during the Singelloop Enschede. This includes not only shots taken by the organization, but also shots taken by photographers accredited by the Singelloop Enschede, including press photographers and photographers from sponsors or partners of the event.

1.3.2 Use of recordings for promotional purposes

The organization is allowed to make these recordings public and use them for promotional purposes of the Singelloop Enschede. This may include using the recordings for advertising, marketing, press releases, social media, the official Singelloop Enschede website and other promotional materials.

1.3.3 Respect for privacy

When using recordings for promotional purposes, we will always respect the privacy of participants. We strive to select and use recordings in a way that preserves the dignity and integrity of the participants. Should a participant object to the use of a specific recording in which he or she appears, we will comply and not use that recording for promotional purposes.

Article 1.4 Charity

Each year, the organization determines an organization and/or foundation to which the participant can donate. The charity will be communicated on the website and on the registration form.

Article 1.5 Drones

Flying drones over the Volkspark or over the canals to take footage of the event is prohibited at all times during the build-up, breakdown and duration of the event. Flying drones is allowed only with permission from the safety coordinator and an applicable permit.

Article 1.6 Guidance on course

1.6.1 Bicycles, baby carriages, other means of transportation, dogs prohibited

No baby carriage, baby jogger, mobility scooter or other means of transportation is allowed to participate in the race. It is also not allowed to bring dogs (leashed or not). Participants are not permitted to be accompanied by one or more persons on a bicycle or other means of transportation.

1.6.2 Participation open to runners only.

It is not permitted to participate in the event by wheelchair, wheeler, running frame, et cetera. The only exception is a special section for frame runners if organized.

Article 1.7 Course

1.7.1 Route

The various parts of the event will make use of the canals that surround the center of Enschede. Start and finish are located in the Volkspark. The course is run clockwise over successively:

  • Start in Volkspark toward tunnel Parkweg
  • Tubantiasingel
  • Boddenkampsingel
  • Lasondersingel
  • Laaressingel
  • Oliemolensingel
  • Hogelandsingel
  • Varviksingel
  • Getfertsingel
  • Pathmossingel
  • Volksparksingel
  • Volkspark (entrance on Volksparksingel)

1.7.2 Safety

The Road Traffic Act and the Traffic Rules and Signs Regulations will remain in full force during the event, unless expressly stated otherwise in those situations where the Organization has been granted dispensation.

Article 1.8 Liability

1.8.1 Participant participates voluntarily and at his/her own risk

When participating in the Singelloop Enschede, the participant agrees that he or she is doing so on a voluntary basis and at his or her own risk. The Organization assumes no liability for loss or damage to personal property, nor for any personal injury or death sustained by the participant.

1.8.2 Participant declares good health and preparation

The participant declares to be familiar with the fact that participation in the Singelloop Enschede requires good health in both psychological and physical sense. The participant certifies that he or she meets this requirement and that he or she has adequately prepared for the Event through training and otherwise.

1.8.3 Release of liability for damages to third parties

The participant indemnifies the Organization for liability for damages that third parties may suffer as a result of an act or omission attributable to a participant with respect to the Singelloop Enschede.

Article 1.9 Collection and storage of (personal) data

1.9.1 Collection of personal data

When registering for the Singelloop Enschede, we collect certain personal data from participants, such as name, address, date of birth, gender, e-mail address and phone number. This data is collected to enable smooth and efficient registration and to keep participants informed of important information related to the event.

1.9.2 Purposes of data processing.

Personal data collected is used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Managing registrations and participation in the Singelloop Enschede.
  • Providing event information such as start times, course information and any changes.
  • Informing about future editions of the Singelloop Enschede and related events.
  • Having the registrant’s records available in the event of an emergency.
  • Analyzing and improving our services and evaluating participant experiences.
  • Sending marketing communications about relevant products, services and offers related to the Singelloop Enschede, unless the participant has explicitly objected to this.

1.9.3 Data storage and security.

All data collected is stored on secure servers and is used only for the purposes mentioned above. We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that personal data is protected against unauthorized access, loss, misuse or alteration.

1.9.4 Sharing data with third parties.

We do not share personal data with third parties unless necessary for the execution of the event or when we are required to do so by law. In such cases, we will ensure that the privacy of data subjects is respected at all times and that data processing complies with applicable laws and regulations.

1.9.5 Data retention period.

We do not retain personal data longer than necessary for the purposes described above or as required by law. At the end of the retention period, the data will be securely deleted or anonymized.

Article 1.10 Other provisions

1.10.1 Decision-making missing provisions.

In all cases not covered by these rules, the Organization reserves the right to decide and take appropriate measures to ensure the integrity, safety and success of the event.

2 Subregulations Company Run

Article 2.1 Information

For the Company Run, the general Singelloop Enschede Regulations apply, insofar as not modified by this sub-regulation.

The Bedrijvenloop is a competition part of the Singelloop Enschede. The distance is the same for all runners and amounts to 5 English Mile or 10 English Mile, depending on which section is started in.

Article 2.2 Participation

Registration is by business team; a business team consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 people, working at the same company. One guest runner, who is not an employee of the respective company, is allowed per company team.

Participation fees are set annually and announced through the website.

Article 2.3 Results/Classification.

The net times of the three fastest runners from the same company team are added together and determine the overall time, and thus the ranking of the company team. Individual participants of a corporate team with a race license will compete for prizes in the Singelloop race (5 EM or 10 EM), provided that this has been personally notified to the organization in good time in advance at [email protected].

Article 2.4 Awards

Prizes for the first three business teams in the Business Run are determined annually. Runners with race licenses compete for individual race 5 EM or 10 EM prizes. Runners should indicate this personally and in a timely manner to the organization at [email protected].

Article 2.5 Course

For description of the course see Article 1.7 Course.

3 Extreme Weather Subregulation.

Article 3.1 General

3.1.1 The Singelloop Enschede, organized by the association AC TION ’48, strives to organize the event in a sporting optimal manner in compliance with local and/or national regulations.

3.1.2 In cases of force majeure, such as extreme weather conditions, the Association reserves the right to cancel all or part of the event.

Article 3.2 Decision-making

3.2.1 The decision to cancel the event lies with the organization of the Singelloop Enschede.

3.2.2 The organization will make a decision on cancellation based on the severity of weather conditions, the safety of participants and volunteers, and other relevant factors.

3.2.3 The organization will make reasonable efforts to notify participants, volunteers, sponsors and other interested parties of any cancellation in a timely manner.

3.2.4 If possible, alternative plans, such as adjusting the course or rescheduling start times, will be developed to ensure the event is safe and successful.

Article 3.3 Communication

3.3.1 As extreme weather conditions approach, the organization will actively communicate through various channels, including the official website, social media, emails and local media.

3.3.2 The organization, in consultation with suppliers, partners and sponsors, will try to find appropriate solutions in case of cancellation, such as moving the event to another date or providing alternative activities.

3.3.3 Alternative Plans: If possible, alternative plans will be developed, such as adjusting the course or rescheduling start times, to ensure the event is safe and successful.

Article 3.4 Other provisions

3.4.1 This sub-regulation is an integral part of the Singelloop Enschede’s regulations and shall be enforced during all events organized with respect to the Singelloop Enschede.

3.4.2 The organization reserves the right to modify or add to these rules at any time as necessary and at its sole discretion.





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