September 8, 2024


Company Run

Team spirit, that’s what it’s all about!

Train with your colleagues for the Mazars Company Run (8 km or 16 km) and set a great team performance!

What distance are you going for?

New! 5 English Mile (8 km) or 10 English Mile (16 km)

Will we also see you and your colleagues at the start of the Mazars Company Run on Sunday, September 8? Whether you are a novice runner or already have a few (half) marathons to your name: the company run is really for everyone, because in addition to the 5 English Mile (8 km), this year for the first time you can also register as a company team for the 10 English Mile (16 km).

Team spirit

Of course it is nice to finish in the top 3 with your business team, but the Singelloop is mostly about team spirit! By sharing tips with each other, training together and putting on an athletic performance together, you strengthen team spirit. And in the process, you are also working on a healthy lifestyle. Participating in the Mazars Company Run is a fun way of team building and working toward a vital organization. And that, in turn, contributes to a more positive and cohesive work environment. Win-win in other words!

party on the canals and in the park

Bet you can count on high fives not only in the Volkspark, but definitely on the canals as well?

After all, the Singelloop Enschede is one of the largest and most enjoyable running events in the Eastern Netherlands. In addition to all those enthusiastic supporters along the way, bands and DJs provide a nice atmosphere and fast beats every 500 m. And even after the finish there is a lot of fun waiting for you in the Volkspark! How about live music, a nice snack or drink and all kinds of activities for your child(ren) in the Sports Zone and Kids Zone!

winners previous editions

Winners 2023
Due to the modified Singelloop due to the heat, there are no 2023 team results.

Winners 2022
1. Bond3D – team 3 (1:29:54)
2. Police – team 1 (1:30:50)
3. Municipality of Enschede – team 1 (1:33:44)



Registration for the Mazars Company Run is open through Friday, Aug. 30.

After registering, you will receive confirmation and a personal code for your corporate team account by email. After activating your account, enter the remaining details of your team(s). You do this no later than Friday, Aug. 30; after Aug. 30, you cannot make changes yourself.

If you would like to make changes after August 30, please email [email protected]

Competitive runners licensed by the Athletics Union
Do you have a race license and want to be included in the individual final standings? Please register with your team and mail your license number and chosen distance as soon as possible to [email protected].

Race runners start in a special race section at the front.

Is post-registration possible?
No, post-registration is unfortunately not possible.

€ 269 for the first team
€ 199 for the second team
€ 159 from the third team onwards

The above amounts do not include VAT.


  • Start number with first name (when registering before Aug. 16)
  • Time registration chip on start number
  • Medal
  • Medal engraving for each team member
  • Company logo on company run page + link to your company website
  • Results in Mazars Company Run Ranking
  • Great prizes for the three fastest teams
  • Business team photo (digital) by organization
  • Corporate team and sponsorship event
  • Optional: company run package (after-dinner drinks with your team in the sponsorship and invitation tent)
  • Eternal fame
  • Not to mention a really fun team-building activity, proud colleagues and the positive effect that achieving joint sporting achievements has!

10:20 Koopmans Double Singelloop (16 km)
10:20 Mazars Company Run (16 km)
Menzis Singelloop (8 km)
11:00 Mazars Company Run (8 km)
12:50 Kidsrun group 1 + 2
13:10 Kidsrun group 3 + 4
13:30 Kidsrun group 5 + 6
13:50 Kidsrun group 7 + 8

You can participate with one or more teams: a team consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of five runners, employed by/affiliated with your company. One guest runner, who is not an employee of/affiliated with your company, is allowed per company team.

The net finishing times of the three fastest runners per team will count toward the final standings.

The coordinator of your company team(s) will receive information in the week prior to the Singelloop about where and when your start numbers with pins can be picked up (for all your teams at once).

So you will receive your start number through the person who registered your team(s).

Your race number includes a chip for electronic timekeeping. Be sure to attach your start number to your chest, not your back.

Your finishing time is based on your net time: timekeeping starts the moment you cross the starting line and stops when you cross the finish line.

The net finishing times of the three fastest runners per team will count toward the final standings.

You can find the results the same day on our website, at and via the MyLaps results page.


As a participant in the company run, you will start from a special starting area for company teams. The letter of your start box is printed on your start number.

The starting boxes are spacious and will be opened one at a time. We use an hourglass start, giving you space to run quickly at your own pace.

At the Menzis arch, start your favorite running course!

Of course, every finisher will receive that well-deserved and beautiful Singelloop medal!

Medal engraving
Included with participation in the Mazars Company Run is having your medal engraved with your name + finishing time. A symbol is printed on your start number, proving that engraving is included.

The course is entirely paved. You run clockwise (two laps in the case of the 10 English Mile/16 km) on the inside of Enschede’s canals: from Tubantiasingel to Boddenkampsingel, Lasondersingel, Laaressingel, Oliemolensingel, Hogelandsingel, Varviksingel, Getfertsingel, Pathmossingel and Volksparksingel.

The “false flat” makes it a treacherous course: it seems flat, but there are some slight rises and falls in it.

Do you have a race license and want to be included in the individual final standings? Please register with your team and mail your license number and chosen distance as soon as possible to [email protected].

Race runners start in a special race section at the front.

Looking for custom corporate shirts or a certified running coach for a corporate clinic? We are happy to put you in touch with our shirt supplier and/or clinic trainers specifically for companies! To do so, send an email to [email protected].

Water and fruit stations
Along the way, you will encounter a water station every two kilometers. Only water is offered here, not sports drinks. Care stations are clearly identified by banners across the road. At each water station there are several stalls in a row.

Tip: Do not stop directly at the first table, but walk on to the second or third table and avoid a roadblock.

In the walk-out street in the Volkspark, you will receive a thirst quencher and fruit in addition to water.

Changing clothes and showering
This can be done in the Pathmoshal (Veilingstraat 20, 7513 CZ Enschede). This sports hall is located opposite the Volkspark, on the Volksparksingel side and is within walking distance of start/finish.

Ample toilet units will be placed at the start and finish in the Volkspark.

Drop off luggage
On race day, you can drop off your luggage. The site for this is clearly visible in the Volkspark. Attached to your start number is a luggage tag that matches your start number. You attach the tag to your luggage and retrieve your bag after the finish line upon presentation of your start number.

Sports massage
Sports care Eastern Netherlands provides massages at Volkspark. The massage tent is easily recognizable during Singelloop weekend.

EHBO Enschede will be present during the Singelloop. The first aid tents in the Volkspark can be identified by the first aid flags.

AEDs are provided by Twente Heart Safe. AEDs are available on the course as well as at the first aid station in the Volkspark.









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